Real Estate Services

• Property Sales and Leasing Services
Property Sales and Leasing provides a range of real estate services that includes sales, leasing and management of commercial, retail and industrial property across Nigeria. In addition to this we are licensed business selling agents offering businesses for sale and where possible we aim to provide a multi-faceted service for clients who may require a combination of real estate or business sale services at one time or sequentially over a longer time frame. We provide clients with an attention to detail, level of service and advice that capitalizes on the diverse experience and track record of our team. Our approach to sourcing buyers and tenants is pragmatic recognizing the overriding value of personal promotion through networking and canvassing as well as utilizing advertising mediums that generate results. We have expertise in vacant possession sales, existing building leases, and pre-leases on a design and construct basis, land sales, auction campaigns and property management of units, freestanding buildings, estates and vacant sites of all sizes.
• Property Management

Our company manages a wide range of industrial, commercial and retail properties across t Nigeria, region comprising single tenant and multi-tenant assets for clients with simply one property or a portfolio of properties. We invite new clients to contact us to obtain a no obligation property management proposal and highlight that we take responsibility for arranging handover from any previous managing agent to assist in assuring that the process is trouble-free for our new clients. Components of our property management service will include the following principal functions.

style • Financial Administration
Accounting for and documenting of income and expenses, recovery of outgoings where appropriate, disbursements, banking and the like. Ensuring competitive quoting and optimum cost outcomes with respect to works undertaken or contracts entered into; Provision of monthly and annual financial statements as well as any other reports as required. Holding of bonds and bank guarantees in our trust account, in an interest bearing account, with the rental bond board or in our safe deposit box as appropriate.
• Lease Administration
Monitoring ongoing compliance with lease terms and conditions. Establishment of a critical dates’ calendar. Implementation of rent reviews and other operational aspects of the lease. Preparation and execution of REINSW leases or instructing of solicitors where clients prefer a solicitor drafted lease.
• Property Administration
Through liaison with both yourself and the lessee undertake periodic inspections of the property to monitor the physical condition of the site, understand repair and maintenance issues that may arise, organize and verify works undertaken and ensure ongoing servicing contracts are implemented. Provision of periodic property inspection reports.
• Liaison Functions
Act as a true and effective liaison on your behalf keeping you informed of issues and events as well as ensuring implementation of your instructions. Develop a sound relationship with the lessee to understand or foresee issues that may impact on the property, the lessee’s ability to meet their obligations under the lease or that may lead them to consider relocation. To obtain a property management proposal from our company please contact us.